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About Us

We are a wholly owned Malaysian company, and our founders spent years in the manufacturing, waste management and scientific industry. We felt that the country lacked a comprehensive - total solution provider for the growing amount of industrial waste and the sheer lack of an organised thought process to manage it. At best, industrial waste management was treated as a cost and therefore disposing the waste at the lowest cost possible was the primary target. Needless to say, piecemeal approaches and unhealthy practices engaged in this pursuit did not help the waste generator or the country in the long run. It certainly was not a WIN-WIN situation. On the back of this General Environmental Solution Sdn Bhd was born.

E Solution started predominantly with servicing the Small and Medium Enterprise companies [SMEs] in 2005. Many of them were overwhelmed with the creeping cost of manufacturing as waste management [disposal in particular] was contributing a lion’s share of the overall manufacturing cost. Today, our customer base has gone beyond the SMEs to multi-national corporations [MNCs] and large corporations including government linked companies [GLCs]. However, our core values dictate that all our customers, regardless of size require our undivided and professional attention.

Our business is grouped into three distinct business units to help with focus and the development and honing the specialist competencies in these areas;

1. Consulting and Contracting
2. Waste Recovery and Recycling
3. Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery
4. Renewable Energy

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Consulting & Contracting
consulting and contracting

All organizations that generate industrial waste and or have industrial waste in any form that...


Waste Recovery & Recycling

We are the approved and authorized National Marketing Agent for Sage Promaster Sdn Bhd (Sagefuels)...


Emergency Response &
Disaster Recovery
waste recovery

Any organization that has an emergency on its site that has to return to ‘business as usual’ fast with minimum disruption to its operations needs...


Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

Built & commissioned the first Malaysian 5mWp (tracker –mounted) photovoltaic installation in Sepang, Selangor in September 2013...