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Chairman's Message

Passion and burning desire to help solve environmental issues [particularly industrial waste] problems in Malaysia be it a chemical spill, untenable waste generation in a manufacturing process, soil de-contamination/remedial work, asbestos clean-up, returning facility to business as usual [BAU] after an incident, Life Cycle Assessment etc, the team at GE Solution does it with urgency and zeal. As I write this note, we have our “owl team” doing the grave - yard shift performing an asbestos clean-up job at a manufacturing facility. Why grave-yard shift? - We recommended it – after performing a Risk Assessment [RA]. Such is the value-adding, professionalism and commitment at GE Solution.

Our proficiency and understanding of the various legislation of Malaysia i.e. the Environment, Health & Safety requirements, our cumulative technical, engineering and scientific skill-sets and our pragmatic business approach to a situation-always culminates in a satisfied customer. Our growing customer base is testimony to this.

Our global outlook and outreach allows us to swiftly adopt best practices and provide the benefits of the learning’s from across the world to our customers.

Ramelle Tan Sri Ramli
General Environmental Solution Sdn Bhd

















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