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Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery

Any organization that has an emergency on its site that has to return to ‘business as usual’ fast with minimum disruption to its operations needs our services.  We have the skill sets and trained and competent emergency response personnel to undertake any type of emergency response [flood, fire, spill, leak etc] with the intent of mitigating the impact of the disaster to the environment. We also retrieve/salvage as many documents as possible and restore the site to its original condition as well as perform all Environmental, Health and Safety (EH & S) tests prior to certifying the premises ‘fit for use’.

Advantage of E Solution
We not only equip our key Emergency Response Team [ERT] members with the latest techniques for disaster recovery: we also thrive in using green solutions where possible. We perform all our jobs in compliance to the law.

How can E Solution help Waste Generators?

  • A burst pipeline or a leaking valve discharging waste into the storm water drains and soon flowing outside your premises. Call us fast before you have a Level I environmental disaster. Our ERDR team will swiftly isolate the leak, contain the spillage, pack and dispose the spill and return the site to original condition.
  • You have chemical spills seeped into the ground; we can help demarcate the area, bore & perform multi-depth soil contamination analysis, remove soil, neutralize contamination, dispose contaminated soil and certify site free of contamination and obtain concurrence with the regulatory authorities.
  • You had a fire/flood in your facility, we will remove all charred debris/water logged material, clean up facility, service all Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner systems [HVAC], perform air quality monitoring , certify facility fit for use, surrender facility to asset owner and de-mobilize.
  • You are doing your annual shutdown right in the middle of Hari Raya/Christmas and that is the only window available for your pit cleaning/de-sludging – we provide you a total solution including supervision.
  • You have residents complaining about your emissions; we can monitor the emissions, simulate dispersion [travel/wind direction], provide a comprehensive report and if needed arrange for media, resident [association] engagement.
  • You bought a used facility or an appointed liquidator , you’re clearing, refurbishing the facility and and discover waste that cannot be disposed at municipal run landfills – be it asbestos, unused and expired chemicals etc. We help you remove these and dispose them in accordance to the law.

Our personnel are trained and certified by bodies/agencies like Department of Occupational Safety & Health [DOSH], National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health [NIOSH] Construction Industry Development Board[CIDB], specialist certification for operating material handling equipment, special waste management certification from Singapore and Australia.

E Solution uses green chemical i.e. bio-degradable fixative agents, odour control chemicals, degreasing solvents etc in our restoration work.

E Solution provides specialist recovery services for flood/water damaged business crucial documents that need to be recovered intact [readable &legible.]