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Vision & Values

Our Visionis to INSPIRE every stakeholder of the company to believe and support all activities that is right for the planet. This is our true north - this will ENERGISE us to self propel and guide us through every aspect of our business for CONTIUINITY, SUSTAINABILITY and the GREATER GOOD of the community.  

Our Missionis to address rampant wasteful practices in ALL industries. We do this by designing and improving industrial processes and providing integrated scientific and engineered solutions with the management of industrial waste.

Our Core Valuesare

  • Integrity: with the way we conduct ourselves with ALL stakeholders
  • Competency: superior skills and the ability to pool specialist skill sets  when are where required
  • Accountability: fix it, if it needs fixing
  • Respect: for ALL  mankind
  • Innovate & Evolve:

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Consulting & Contracting
consulting and contracting

All organizations that generate industrial waste and or have industrial waste in any form that...


Waste Recovery & Recycling

We are the approved and authorized National Marketing Agent for Kualiti Kitar Alam Sdn Bhd (KKI) ...


Emergency Response &
Disaster Recovery
waste recovery

Any organization that has an emergency on its site that has to return to ‘business as usual’ fast with minimum disruption to its operations needs...


Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

Built & commissioned the first Malaysian 5mWp (tracker –mounted) photovoltaic installation in Sepang, Selangor in September 2013...