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Waste Recovery & Recycling

We are the approved and authorized National Marketing Agent for Sage Promaster Sdn Bhd www.sagefuels.com

About Sage Promaster
Sage Promaster Sdn Bhd (941043-P) a wholly owned Malaysian company, is a Department of Environment (DOE), Malaysia and the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) licensed company - operating a highly automated and integrated, first of its kind industrial (scheduled) waste recovery and recycling facility utilising a patented and revolutionary technology in the country.

The extensive research and development undertaken jointly with the School of Chemical Engineering, University of Malaya culminated in a breakthrough patent to recover the identified scheduled waste in the country in the most environmentally and economically viable manner.

Today, Sage Promaster boasts to have as its customer; various industries from the locally incorporated small and medium industries to the large multi - national corporations. 

Advantage of Sage Promaster
Sage Promaster provides holistic, tenable and long lasting solutions to its customers by adopting best practices throughout the value cycle. One notable plus in its recycling and recovery process is minimal discharge. The facility itself is a green facility that optimises energy by using Renewable Energy i.e. Building Integrated Photovoltaic Installation and Rain Water Harvesting to name a few initiatives integrated in its facility.

The facility is licenced to collect, transfer, transport, store and recovery 14 different type of scheduled waste:

SW Codes SW Codes SW Codes
203 204 303
308 310 314
321 325 410
416 417 418
421 422